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Help me stop the spammers


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I've recently started getting an awful lot of junk email offering viagra, stock/share tips and all manner of wierd and wonderful drugs from random American sources. It's seriously getting on my wick and I'm at a loss as to what to do about it.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.





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If it's web based why not just change it?


Its a bit of a pain to change your sites over, but its the best way.


I moved from Hotmail to Gmail and I don't get any atall anymore.


Plus I keep my hotmail account for use on sites which I don't trust to not sell my address, and then forward the mail from there to my gmail account!


Easy ;)

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Ackeys right Snooks, I've got about three different web-based email accounts for the different things I'm a part of on the web. None of which are my own personal email addy that say, my mum emails me with! It goes without saying that this account is as clean as a whistle. My Yahoo account has more junk in the bulk spam folder than legitimate correspondance, but at least the spam filter is doing it's job.

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I use Mozilla Thunderbird as my e-mail client which has an anti-spam filter built-in. The spam still arrives in yer mailbox but it automatically moves it to yer Trash folder so it doesn't clog-up your Inbox.


Only good for emailers who don't use web-based.

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