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Michael Bridges

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Bridges is a great player when fit. But that's the problem, he seems to be even worse than Killen and I'm guessing he maybe looking for a similar level of wages! Still think he would be a good signing though.


Totally agree.. think he would be an absolute great signing - tall, strong, brilliant hold up player at this level, would bring others into the game...


Am I making this up, but has he not been fit and playing for someone in Australia all for the last 6 months?? To be honest, i'm not sure... but Im sure I saw some random football on sky and Bridges was playing.. pretty sure it was Oz...


EDIT: Yep - sydney FC - 9 apps, 2gls... he looked pretty handy when i saw him.... Career Stats..

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I'll be honest, I am completely unmoved by this. I am neither here nor there with it.


He's been around a while now and done it in patches.




He's 29.


There's no doubting his ability, just his fitness/ability to not get crocked again.


I think having him on loan for a short while is a no lose situation.

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Guest oa_exile
we'll make our usual Latics one game assessment and that'll be that.


:rolleyes: You are asking for some backlash there mate :nnnng: dont worry I'll watch yer back :exile::boxer:

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Sorry got to be honest think it would be a bad move unless its costing us hardly anything at all like a pay as you play we have enough injuries anyway might be 29 but he could finnish anytime soon his injury problems have been that bad. Shame really was a real talent at one point could well have gone on to play for England.

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