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Using bit torrent thru something like Azureus is not too bad, the key is to be über careful - make sure your using a shed load of mal-ware (a decent anti-virus/spy-ware combo is ok) to protect yourself from the crap the files carry.


Then you need a search page, such as Torrent Spy.




That site has non-kid-friendly adverts, so its not ideal really! And you have to go for the right files, or you just get awful download speeds and the files are corrupt at the end of it anyway!

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The kids are badgering me to re-install it,but it slows your p.c to slugs pace,any alternatives,the non-paying ones would be nice

My tip is try AresLite and once you're on there you could search for and download Limewire Lite (quick version with no adware), for free, from there. But that would be illegal, so DOn't do that.

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