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Guest oa_exile

Just like itv & the beeb, here's a repeat for anyone who missed it....

In glorious 16k mp3 format


download me!



1. Roughyeds to play at BP next season if they are still in business

2. Trotman can be re-called but Shez doesn't need him

3. Tempting offer for Porter in Jan but nothing major

4. Underground Car Parking in re-developed plans

5. Ronnie Moore unlucky at the club and it was nothing personal that the owners sacked him

6. TTA not spoke to Wenger since he recommended Talbot!

7. Hardy sucking up to H&S people regarding Stewards

8. Council been fair and TTA have slowly been trusted and happy way things are going at the club

9. Shez rates Vernon but wouldn't swap him for any player at BP

10. Club disappointed with lack of interest in Officing

11. Only rumours about TTA's leaving,Chaytow put in a bid but they rejected it

12. Shez unaware about saying 'Different Class!'

13. Shez not happy about the pitch, Ressys may move next season

14. Clayton to be kept open till necessary to pull it down

15. Shez now interested in Leon Best

16. H&S reduced capacity in Royle bar to 190

17. Porter trains every day

18. Shez thinks Taylors better on the left

19. Wellens prefers Shez as Ronnie moaned

20. Peter Thorn wanted perminate deal plus good wages and Shez said he has no ambition

21. Wellens says Taylor wont score..Shez agrees!

22. Diego didn't sign coz he was 'crap' IMO Still a God!

23. Shez says Les needs to be more Ruthless but best in division on his day.

24. Barry Owen says there would be a riot if everyone wouldnt sit down *ahem Hairy palmed fiddler* Standing is unacceptable and he says no to a singing section

25. Complaints of Drum but Hardy likes it

26. Shez to be offered new long term contract pretty soon

27. Shez thinks we'll struggle in the Championship without new players

28. Pitch to be totally done up in summer hopefully

29. Brighton tickets Hardy will sort out tomorrow

30. NSM Stand to be pulled down soon as the club gets planning permission

31. New scoreboard has been pushed to one side, Company may fix it..

32. Haining may be fit for Port Vale Gregan back for Sat?

33. New Stand will have a larger shop, Sports Bar, conferencing for 500 people fit for weddings also. Car Parking for the Hospital and a 3 star hotel at the back of the Chaddy

34. Loan signings- The moneys there for Shez but he wants the right man

35. Club close to salary limit due to Gregan signing

36. Owners only disappointed with the poor crowds

37. Locals seem to be for developments and nothing to worry about

38. We would lose money possibly if we went up.


Also thank you for everybody who contributed to the thread, as we know there are a few that will have missed it tonight through reasons of there own!


If there are any bits that are missed out please add them!

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