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Ryan Cartwright.



Sarf Croydon bruv innit. Originally from Chadderton.



How Long Supporting the Tics?

I'm 26 today, so... yup, 26 years.


Best away match you've been to?

I've only got 4 minutes left in the internet cafe, so I'll go with Tranmere this season. Until further notice.


All Time Greatest Player?

Paul Murray. Easily.


Biggest Rivals (in your eyes)?

Probably the Trannies. They tend to provoke my vitriol more than anyone else.

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Guest oa_exile

Welcome Ryan to OWTB


Please contact a Mod or Admin if you need any help getting started (Click here).


If you're feeling adventurous, head straight into the main board to chat about all things Latics (Click here).


And if you're here for all the fantastic OWTB Shirts and Merchandise head over to the shop (Click here).



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Cut of out, I'm only talking about a spot of burglary make that forced entry erm, oh I give up.


Ryan, your first task is to name the new chapter Linkage






Lucky you arrived in time for one of the biggest OASIS days out of the year (and Andys favourate :biker: ) ...... Brighton

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