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A win tomorrow, other results go our way

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Far from over ... something posted on an ealier thread


Standing as of 22/2/7 ...............



Scunny 33 64

Latics 33 58


Yeovil 33 57

Forest 33 57

B city 32 56

Bin dippers 34 53


Swansea 33 48

Lashers 31 48

Carlisle 34 48

Donnie 32 47

Brighton 34 45

Hudders 34 45

Crewe 32 44



Lashers 5 points off the play-offs with 1-3 games in hand on the teams above

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Hopeful of a win tomorrow, but didn't realise just how many players Yeovil have recruited this season, including players from the Championship and Premiership! They must have a big squad - probably beyond their wildest dreams when languishing in the Conference league!


Keep an eye on that Warne chap if he's playing! :wink:

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Surely you're not suggesting some of our fans lurch around on a rollercoaster of emotion from one game to the next are you?! :blink:


In fairness I think we can all be a bit like that can't we? Lose in last minute against Bristol and the storm clouds come out. A win tomorrow and blue skies...............................................until the Saturday after! Only exception to us fickle lot are the happy/clappy or the doom brigade. No matter what happens they are high as a kite (happy/clappy) or lower than a snake's belly (we are all doomed!).


Part and parcel of being a football supporter I suppose.



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Oh I'm not knocking the rollercoaster ride itself.... a 3rd division fan's life would be pretty bloody dull without the highs and lows.


It's the ones whose foresight seems to extend to a season or more based on a memory of no more than one game who wind me up. :grin:

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I'm keeping my feet on the ground atm, theres a long way to go

like most others until it isnt mathematically possible im touting the playoffs.

and if we end up losing in the 90th min again tomoz,i wont be on here dooming n glooming either.

ill leave that to the people who seem to know better than most.

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Here we go again....another game at BP....another unsatisfactory performance is highly probable....another downer for those who never see the good away performances.


If we are rubbish and sneak a win, the majority on here will be talking of Play-offs and wondering how much Ticketmaster will charge for commission and postage on the Wembley tickets. If we draw or lose, even if we play brilliantly but are extremely unlucky, then the same majority will be full of doom, gloom and angst until the next game, and Kyle will try to recruit more to his 'Shez out!' campaign.


At the moment I feel that this season's highlights have been a bonus, when compared to recent seasons. I just hope we keep improving and learning from the previous game's mistakes committed by the players or by Shez. If improvement becomes a regularity then we should start to play well consistently and win more games than we lose. Then we can all start to believe in moving onwards and upwards again. Who knows where we might end up then!


Meanwhile the roller-coaster is going up a learning curve and we need to keep the Faith.

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Season Ticket holders had better get priority for Wembley, I'll be damned if I miss the final when the gloryhunters come flocking in :angry:


Tongue firmly in cheek there LL? Can't imagine those wanting a ticket wouldn't get one when there will be 30,000 on offer.


Anyway superb that we are talking about a wembley final when we are 8 points adrift and sitting in 12th place :grin: . Again, I assume a bit tongue in cheek but hey who knows :pray: .



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