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just got back and i'm knackered!

brilliant night!


and to answer the question-best atmosphere-ibrox or celtic park.


nothing biased,i have no afiliation with either....


rangers.. by a country mile.


jesus,celtic scored 2 against us,but the place was like a morgue.

rangers was a wall of noise.


the celtic fans though were just as friendly as rangers fans.

glasgow is a great place...but sort out the licencing hours please!!! :redcard:

like england in the seventies..last orders at 11:50pm...out by midnight.

i'm off to bed!

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I hope Barca win it, I thought they were tremendous last night.



oh,don't let last nights performance kid you...

that was the first performance like that for over a year.

we re-touched a performance we saw week in week out 2 years ago,the standard set.

just hope its back for good.


but it was special! :D

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I couldn't believe how harsh Strachan was on his players, I thought they did fantastic to get 2 against Barca. That was the best I'd seen them for a long time, but Barca were different class. No one could have got within a mile of them last night, they were that good. I've never seen a team pass the ball so well, it was like Mexico 70.

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