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Apple = Devil


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Ok, first off I've never been a big Apple fan.


I love my iPod, no doubting that. BUT! Not only do they want me to pay £13 for an update which comes free with new-purchase iPods, and not only do they remind me to pay this EVERY TIME I plug my iPod in... but they also keep rolling out "updates" to iTunes which does nothing but re-install Quick Time (the worst video player known to man kind) again and again!!!




Not only does it install and fail to work correctly, it also steals back all the default player settings from VLA!!!



My I hate Apple rant will continue soon!

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'told you I'd be back!


It also breaks the shortcut links you already have!


And makes you agree to all the T's&C's again!!!



My daughter has the Ipod but she can no longer download any music. The player won't download anymore. it's crap. Ecery time I try tor reinstall the software it creates an error message. Is there any way round Itunes to put music on the Ipod?

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I think so There is some free software on the net somewhere my mate has it, If I can find it ill let you know, try and google "Ipod freeware" or "Ipod software" see what you find

I've never used it, but there is indeed some freeware out and about... I too will try and find out what it is for you mate.

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