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signing..... ?

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As of thirty seconds ago, nothing on OS


Is it this guy?


Scored against us at Northampton in our 3-2 win (the late goal). From his stats he doesn't look much more than we've got in Alessandra, Smalley and Wolfy to be honest. Well, he has more league goals anyway.

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He is back now, so not an impossibility.


"Robertson managed four goals during his short time on Tayside before his recall in mid-January 2008."

Is this an official source anyone?



Official source said he arrioved at BP at 9.30, at 9.32 he nipped outside to make a phonecall. Couldn't get a signal until he arrived at the Keepgoats.............. :naughty:

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Jordan aged 20 on loan to Dundee ex torquay and Northampton on loan.. Hardly fits the bill?


"Scored on his debut v Oldham" WELL doesn't everybody?


If its the lad who scored last season he turned superbly to make it 3-2 and his movement did cause us some problems late on, a decentish signing IF ITS TRUE, but tbh i'm not sure the lad is any better to what we have here already. Not really the big lump we need..........

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This is exactly why - if true, he is better than the kids we have got right now... about 8 league goals better... the kid knows where the net is...


All i've see of him was at that game last season... and he looked decent... quick and nippy and a good touch, but a finisher... looks very similar to John Stead, which is prob why he is down the order at UTD... but him and Hughesy would be a good shout at this level....

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Guest sheridans_world
If there is it'll have to come out soon as he needs to sign by lunchtime to be able to play tonight.

Emergency loan is three hours before kick off ?

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