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Lookers to go

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Someone get it watched then get us the news :D


I heard about 3 weeks ago that demolition was due to start at the end of march and the building process would take 72 weeks.


Wasn't sure if it was meant to be kept quiet though so didn't say 'owt. B)

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Guest oa_exile
Hardly a surprise is it? A blind man on a galloping horse could have seen this coming.


The options:


Should they knock it down mid-season and cause all manner of disruption?


Wait for the end of the season?


No brainer


So which one are you plumming for Tony ? :blink:



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Why have they not told us before? Why is it not already down? Where is Rooney!?



Sorry, good news. Nice to see it out in the open and should appease some of those worried about lack of progress!



So whats actually being built in this phase ? Hotel ? Offices ? Changing rooms?

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side issue here..

did anyone post anything about our "friend" mr hewett's letter in the chron last night???


oh,dear...think he's been dabbling on acid this time...


pink elephant anyone?


Now the e-chron has demised I have no access - please expand Johnny... I need a laugh this afternoon... !

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Good and sad to see the old fella go. Was originally the Ford stand when I was a lad. Didn't we win it in a competiition??

We got it with the £70,000 we earned for winning the Ford Sporting League in 1971. It was a competition where you gained points for bookings and sending offs, and the team with the least points won (I think). I'm sure one of the gurus on here will be able to come up with the details.

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