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king frizzell


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I was trying to think of some of the youff players names, all I can come up with othe than ickle Nick Henry are:


Mike Flynn, far left, second row down next to WD


Neil Edmonds(?) front row in front of JR


Bob Monahagn (????) far right sceond row down next to Uncle Billy


The lad far left on the from row, was he that Scottish lad who look a fantastic prospect, but got injured in a youth cup game against Citeh when the duffed us 10 or 11 - 1, Bryan something, maybe?? That match Flynny ended up MOM, cos without him it might have been 20, sure Citeh's team was the one with David White, Paul Lake and that.

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Cant remember the guy on Nick Henrys left (our right) but he's a scary looking bugger!!!!!! Mike Cecere could be next to Mike Milligan.... Need the old black and white outline with the numbers on so we can fill in the names between us....

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