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I'm in the process of getting this set up.


Anyone have any top tips or advice on it?



well if you do let us all know!!!


'our kid' has just emigrated to kiwi land, and his kiwi mrs has been banging on about it for ages to the rest of the family....


me! well, i've just about managed windows messenger....and don't start me on that face book thingy!

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As long as both parties know each others skype contact (the name you set up for yourself) then all you do is add them as a buddy.

You can see when they are online or not. If they are,... then double click on them and the phone (computer) will ring their end.

Having a microphone is important (although u can type to each other but MSN is better for that) and if you both have webcams then they should set up automatically.


I've had a few days when the traffic has been busy and so caused the audio/visual to be pretty crappy but for a free service I can't complain. Been using it for a year now.


Get in touch if u need help.

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Thanks for that mate... I'm still waiting for my handset to arrive (I'm giving that to my folks once I go away and using Skype on my mobile) so I've not tested it out yet.


If I come across anything I'm not sure of I'll shout in here.






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I use it all the time with people in Australia and the US. The quality is not always great, but what do you expect for free. One tip - don't use the webcam unless you need to (no questions asked!), it seems to use up the available bandwidth and make the voice quality worse.

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