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Everybody to Luton

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I really hope we have a good turnout on Saturday... It would be great for the players to run out to a large following of Tics and in that away end we can make

a right rackett.....


Hope we can have at least 500-600 there


Come on everybody down to Luton - it could make all the difference.... 3 points on Saturday and we could well sneak into 6th....

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If we take three and a half thousand to Doncaster I would be the most impressed I've ever been with an Oldham following home, away or neutral.


me too, but keep winning and who knows especially as i imagine most fans havent been there yet. if we win the next two i would be disapointed with less than 3000, its not much that further than hudds really.

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Luton would be my joint easiest game to get to, had not Richard Branson ordered his heavies to plan rail works on the line this weekend. Still, it only means more time boozing on the train instead of in the pub!



7 or 8 of us going down in a couple of cars. Looking forward to this one.

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Little social club tucked behind behind the high street. About £3 last time I went.


Straight down the road from the away end.


Quite a lot of street parking available past the ground and the bridge over the dual carriageway (Hatters Way).

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