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Who do you think is the dirtiest player in Premier League history

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Has to be Keane, dirty :censored: and an absolute :censored: too. I saw him for the first time against Latics years back when he was more of a dirty red rookie and even then he was getting away with backing in, pulling shirts, flying 2 footed tackles and generally being a tw*t on the pitch. I've hated him ever since and still do despite his seemingly more demure attitude to life.


Can you tell that game made an impression on me??

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I dislike Ben Thatcher....he should have got a lifetime ban for this.




Look at his face after he does it as well, no remorse. It was pre meditated and very dangerous.


Forgot how bad that challenge was. He is a dirtly little turd isn't he.


Only one word for him, coward. Would he have gone toe-to-toe with Mendes and gone at it man on man (no gay puns please)? Doubt it, he would rather stick the elbow in or drag his studs dwon someones leg.



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