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Rate the lads vs Bournemouth.


M.O.M vs Bournemouth  

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  1. 1. Team vs Bournemouth

    • Blayney
    • Lomax
    • Gregan
    • Turner
    • Charlton
    • Liddell
    • MacDonald
    • Wellens
    • Taylor
    • Edwards
    • Porter
    • Warne
    • Rocastle

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Blayney - 4 - Poor kicking, poor positioning. Couple of decent blocks and catches but to nervy.


Lomax - 7 - Steady game. Pushed forward, defended well on the whole. Maybe got caught out on their second goal but can't blame him for it.


Gregan - 8 - Great game again. Strong, aggressive and commanding. We'd be lost without him, and to play on after what looked like it could be the end of his game before half time, shows his commitment.


Turner - 3 - Looked nervy at first, and some of his distribution was pants. Defended ok, apart from nearly taking gregan out. It was a bad challenge on him but you can't respond in that way, especially when you are "helping" out another team. sned him back


Charlton - 6 - Did his best, looked like he wasn't sure how to link up with Eddy after taylor had gone off. Perhaps eddy sat too deep at times. Looked to carry an injury for the whole second half.


Liddell - 6 - Average game, great penalty. Worked hard but wasn't able to create too many crossing situations. Missed eardly as lomax maybe not used to pushing forward as much.


Macdonald - 5 - Went missing for the large percentage of the game, both defensivly and going forward. needs to pull his finger out if he doesn't wanna find himself on the bench.


Wellens - 7 - tried his best, but we were unable to create enough. Steady at best


Taylor - 6 - not in the game too much before injury


(Edwards) - 5 - Now looks better defensivly than he does going forward. Too obvious which we he is going when he attacks, never comes in on his right because he just cannot use it. Sat to deep, didn't look massivly interested. A chance for him to get back into the reckoning yesterday and he let himself down.


Porter - 6 - Worked hard, got in the positions just can't seem to hit the onion bag at the moment. I still have conifdence it'll come because he is getting in the positions.


Warne - 7 - Usuall, high tempo work rate. Steady


Rocastle - 6 - Never really got into the game. Tried to put himself about but just never got going.



ref: JamDodger from JK -- cut and paste as I agree with most of what said .

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