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The backlash appears to be starting. Therefore, can I get in early and be the first to say:



"YOU'RE ###### SCHOLES, ###### OFF BACK TO UNITED, YOU RED ######!"





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I thought he was the best player on the park first half, but tired quickly in the second.


He isn't the player he was only a couple of seasons back bit like Butch Wilkins now still be head and shoulders above league 1 standard


Carrick for me was the best on the park in the 1st Half.


Went to tackle a few times and ball and man ( well sometimes) had long gone.

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Guest oa_exile
Thought his body language at the end of the game was that of a man on death row .......... then he throws his medal into the crowd ???


I was laughing when John Terry was :disappointed:


I saw Grant going up to console him and probably said on the lines of :


"What are you crying for ? , you probably just cost me my Job :( "


Noticed Anelka didnt give a flying ......... :lol:


The high point of the match for me was when the "Winker" :wink: missed the penalty , priceless moment :) pity it stood for nothing in the end :(

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