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Tranmere chants?

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Can you think of any chants that'd get on Tranmere fan's nerves?


To the tune of "Robin Hood" and with apologies to Monty Python :


Ronnie Moore, Ronnie Moore,

galloping through the sward,

Ronnie Moore, Ronnie Moore,

and his horse Concorde.

The ball's in the air,

Never on the floor,

Mr Moore, Mr Moore, Mr Moore.

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Moore, Moore, Moore!

How do you like it?

How do you like it?



5 of us nearly got lynched by 40 tranmere fans for singing that as they queued for tickets and we walked to the car park this season. Wound them up no end. Apparantly we're all Manc Rats! :grin:


Others which got there noses up from the dippers home game when we had a sing off in the Grey Mare pre game.


"Ian Moore..........Ian Mooooooooooooore.........your dad's a w*nker, your mum is a wh*re"


"Scousers Till You die.....You're scousers till you die......" etc,

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Guest oa_exile
They tend to be a bit touchy about anything that suggests they are scousers / thieves.


They do don't they, the thieving little scousers.


Oi ! watch it you to ............. <_<


Oh Merseyside is wonderful , Oh Merseyside is wonderful

Full of Scousers , thieves and .........

Oh Merseyside is wonderful

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