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Eardley - Did he touch it?

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I see Neil Eardley won another Welsh cap yesterday, coming on with about 3 mins left on the clock. Not much time to get involved there then!


Tell me, did anyone watch the match? and if so - did he get a touch?



lay off the boyo! if Paul Collingwood can get an MBE for 0 and 10 in an Ashes series ( or there abouts) young Neil can get a cap for my money.

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I watched the game aswell, I think that he had more than enough time to get a few touches in and help out his country , but , Last season he never came on late so what does that tell you ? I guess your thinking ''not much, why?'' well i'll tell you why - it's because we have a better manager than walles do - lol :grin:

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I still think it's a disgrace that Gary Pratt didn't get one for running bumface out.


here here, and KP even had to lend him a suit so he could go on the open top bus and get lashed up with the rest of the team - the 'powers' weren't going to let him on!


And Jimmy Anderson carried the water crate onto the pitch a few times too!!! :grin:

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