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First off Please make sure to check out the BB Code Help which is located at the bottom right corner of the reply box..




Next, I'm going to go through BB Code's main uses, and after that I'll do an "on demand" service for the lesser known BB code features.

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The first feature I'm going to cover is the LIST feature, might not be one of the most well known features but I've seen instances on this forum where it could have been implemented.


There are a number of ways ways in which to format your list - all of which are in the BB Code help files, but I'm going to use the two buttons on the Text Format bar (top right hand corner of the reply box):




First make your list!



Black Books

Monty Python

Fast Show



You'll notice I've just typed in my list without any fomatting or numbers or anything...


Next, let's make them into a list.


Highlight the text you want to make into a list. Just hold down the left mouse button and drag over the list you want to make. If you make a mistake highlgihting the list, release the mouse button and try again! It'll look something like this...




In the text format bar there are two list formatting options available to you (there are more - as prevoiusly mentioned, please check out the BB Code help)


The first one:



when pressed will wrap BB code tags around your list - list=1 and put asterisks next to your list elements. Click on the PREVIEW POST button at the bottom of the reply box and it'll look similar to my list:




If the second list button is used instead:




The list will be formatted in a different way, and would look similar to this:




You get the idea, the other two LIST options will format your list with roman numerals or letters of the alphabet. A quick way to change the format of your list is to edit the BB code tags. For instance, to change your format from "List=1" simply change the number to 2, 3 or remove the "=1" part for the basic listing.


That's it. Can I just add here that all BB code works in the similar way of highlighting the text you want to format and then selecting a format. But we'll go through the rest of the options on the format bar later on.


Bob has started a TEST thread in the Techie Help Forum please keep any trials and test posts in there - we can clear it up later.


If there's anything you'd like to ask please feel free to post...

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