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Carlisle away


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Due to the train crash the previous week I did think that this may have been a little to much of a journey to make ... but in the end I was glad that I made the 670 mile round trip.



A few weeks earlier I had just booked a single train ticket to Manchester as the orginal plan was to hook up with the Beardy bus, but due to last minute time changes and me not arriving in Manchester until 9.45am I wasn't going to make it. Anyhow I managed to buy a cheap single from Manchester to Carlisle but unfortunately as it later turned out ten minutes into my journey this was dated the 1st March not the 3rd, bloody pc users!!!!! Suddenly it looked like I wouldn’t even make it past the first station and I couldn’t decide what was going to be worse missing the game or being stuck in Peterborough?


After a nerous 20 minutes waiting for the conductor to kick me off or offer me a ticket for £120, with sweating palms I went to find him. After seeking out the conductor in 1st class…. didn't have the right ticket and now I was an illegal in 1st class, he said he would let me travel to Newcastle but that I would have to buy a single from Newcastle to Carlisle. The rest of the journey to be quite relaxed after this mini heart attack and was joined by a few other Tics at Newcastle for the final trip.



Durham... quite pleasant


I had been hoping to catch up with the Edinburgh lads before the game, but by the time I got myself sorted for traintimes back (although I did sneak a well earned pint at the pub near the Station before I did this), realised how far away they were and when eventually find a taxi found out that the Beardy bus (who they were with) was leaving soon for the ground (how I heard Beardy over the singing I don’t know) I decided to make my way to their next venue they were due The Carlisle rah rah club house and after getting a couple of scopes in I was left with the prospect of staying inside and watching Man U or the bloody Rah Rah outside……….the day had suddenly taking a turn for the worse.


After catching up with a few Tics outside (being none smoking inside swung it), selling a few more scarves (AKA Rocky swinging stick) Wardle arrived and we headed to the ground.



Swing ya scarf Rocky!!


Well after 13 minutes I knew my journey was worth while... athough blinded by the sun (which is probally why I don't really remember much of the match .. honest it wasn't the beer) ..............


A glorious sunny day, shame 1.000 Tics could see the bloody game because of it


....when I eventually realised that Latics were one up though ... yes a CHRIS TAYLOR goal and the proceeded to go wild with the one and only Craig Davies who had decide to stand next to me, who incidently informed me later that he will including a song on his new album as a tribute to the moment Taylor got his first senior goal. The worst keep secret of the year following ... a booking for Taylor for over celebrating, actually I expected crowd surfing.


Half time came and in the Q for refeshment I happened to bump into the father of Chris Taylor and how happy was he!! After a quick chat he mentioned that in over 50 senior games this is the first one he was unable to find a bookies to put a bet on his son scoring!!! I told him, after selling him a scarf... I don't miss a trick(actually I had given him one free but Chris's girlfriend nicked it so he bought another), that he shouldn't bet on him scoring again and having agreed to meet up for beer before the Leyton game I headed off to find the boys and sell more scarves. Cheers again Edinburgh Latic for the Hearts shirt / scarf ....hopefully catch you up there for a game before the end of the season.


After missing most of the second half through the sun (well not all through the sun .... me and the Edinburgh lads got another beer in as they started the second half I finally got to see the game clealry as the home team managed a late equaliser.


Badger, Craig and Stevie 3/4 of the Edinburgh boys ....nice scarves only £6 you know


Flags packed, runners out .... I made a mad dash on the final whistle for the exit and my mile run to the station for the 17.20pm train and the only one that would get me home that day. After a mad dash I made it with 5 minutes to spare and caught up with Station master (or what ever you call um these days) to collect my earlier bet off him that i would make it (he didn't think I would)... after congratulating me on making it he then told me that the train was actually broken and that he would be running at least 20 mins late and I only had a ten minutes transfer for the last train to London in Newcastle. :mad:


To be continue ..... :OASISscarf:









Continued: Found B&B, the Edinburgh lads, drank til 2am or was it 3am, woke up with a local las and caught the train home Sunday at 11am...............


P1010339.jpgMe and Cammy enjoy a quiet beer or ten after the game



Mark :OASISscarf::OASISscarf:

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