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What are you listening to at this moment?

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...the sound of 6lb 14oz of very unhappy brand-new Latics fan, ten days earlier than planned...

I can't believe you had it on there in the first place.

Fans of the Drive movie and Kavinsky will dig this  

Erm I'm old me I am so radio 2 Brian Mathews sounds of the sixties. Stones, Beatles , Hollies, du be du bi do



Plays some decent stuff, but mainly a right load of crap, imo.


Try Mark Lamarr's Alternative Sixties, Radio 2, Thursday night. Always worth a listen and Lamarr isn't anywhere near as annoying as you'd expect.

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New Kings of Leon album.


Like AC Milan v Liverpool (if Italian). Great first half. Second half utter garbage.


Is anyone going to do an 'Album of the year' thread for last year so i can take advice and buy some stuff?



NB. Whoever came up with the Black Kids is at a very large head start for the above already.

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Thanks for that Johnny.



no worries..gotta spread the word!

got it on dvd now ,along with his gig at reading festival last year.

want a copy? ...thats if its turned out right-not watched it through yet to check.




currently bouncing about to :


nine inch nails -year zero

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