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George O'Callaghan

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Stumbled across this while looking at Cork FC's team news before placing and probably losing a bet on them tonight.


The Evening Echo a local paper in Cork has linked us and Tranmere with a midfielder by the name of George O'Callaghan. Has anyone heard anything about this?


The link is to a pdf. copy of their back page (to the right of the screen) http://www.eecho.ie/

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From: http://www.clubfanzine.com/ipswich_town/v2...ws.php?id=11632


Elsewhere, former Blue George O’Callaghan is set to make a surprise swift return to English football with Tranmere Rovers, having only rejoined Cork City in January. Oldham Athletic and other League One sides are also believed to have expressed an interest in the midfielder.

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My mate who is a football reporter in Dublin was telling me about George last night - he rates him fairly highly and reckons he could do a good job for us. He is very popular in Cork, he's a skinny enough lad but a powerful enough attacking midfielder. He's a bit of a jack-the-lad too and doesn't mind a pint or the occasional bet on the horses - overall, he would be a good signing for us. So says my mate anyway.

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Cork City FC


O'callaghan's club says he has a number of options in english leagues



says on his profile he played as a striker for a while before moving to midfield


2008 season: 9 goals in 17(1) apps


- good scoring record, especially if from midfield, but do we really need another CM?

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