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Broadway Tribute Video


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Part one of my fan made Broadway Tribute, part two may be a while coming about...


Thanks to everyone who submitted their pictorial memories of our beloved stand in the OWTB gallery over the last year.


This is dedicated to Ernie, get well soon mate.




Quality - I'm feeling quite emotional.

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It's only on youtube temporarily, I'll load it up to Blip.tv as soon as their server comes back.


I've added a proper dedication to Ernie on this version at the end with some moments silence.

Thanks to those who have enjoyed it so far.


Um, not much else to say really - This is for Ernie...


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Good vid rummy. How old is that brief footage? 1980's? :blink:


Favourite picture has to be the one at 1:43. Tranmere game after the 90th minute goal that put us top and the lookers going banana's. Shame it didnt capture some of you lot in the upper hanging over the barriers in celebration. :)

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Guest oa_exile


Uploaded to Blip.


If I can get enough pictures and video footage, I will be glad to do a proper piece on Ernie. I just don't have the resources though, there has to be more footage of him. I just can't find any...


Can anyone help Matt out here ? need a DVD of season 2003/04 , Ernie scored 6 goals for the Latics that season.


Just to add , I think if Matt could compile something from Ernie's days at OAFC it would be a fantastic keep sake for the Cooksey family :chubb:

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