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Life can be so unfair sometimes, a young man with everything to live for cut down in this prime. Unfortunately this horrible disease is no respector of personal circumstances and takes those least deserving of such a fate. Your spirit will live on through your child and in the hearts of those who loved you and held you dear. I'm sure your memory will often blow on the breeze of a cold Boundary Park day. Remember Ernie, only the good die die young. Good Night God Bless mate, Your immortality will amongst Latics fans will reign forever.


not ashamed to admit it, I'm shedding a tear or two, gutted...........

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Guest oa_exile

Extremely upsetting news.


R.I.P. Ernie


Condolences to all his family and friends at this very difficult time.

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I mainly post on oafc.co.uk but have been checking the updates on here for the past week or so. Terrible terrible news. I wouldn't wish death on anybody but it truly frustrates me when scum like Barton are alive and well while at the same time a true fans' favourite and loveable character passes away under such tragic circumstances.


RIP Ernie x

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RIP to a former player that has a place in every Latics fans hearts.


You fought a brave and valiant battle, I've nothing but the utmost respect for you. Will be missed sadly by so many.


God bless you.


i think that sums Ernie up perfectly. How he performed on the pitch he performed in life and in his battle against his illness. He did his bit for us when we were at our lowest ebb and for that we are very grateful. Let's not forget he had a bit of skill as well.

God speed Ernie.

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We were ready for it but its hit me hard today at work, 28 whole life ahead of him, He's going to miss out on so much,


RIP Ernie my thoughts are with you,


Come on Latics lets do this season for Ernie 2008/2009


Ernies Season,

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