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Harry Kewell

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I find myself in a very unusual position this morning for two reasons


1) I agree with that two-hat Parry on Talk Sport

2) I sympathise with Dirty Leeds fans



Harry Kewell, who was part of the Leeds team that played in Istanbul when two Leeds fans were murdered, has joined Galatasaray. Highly insensitive and ill-advised. Surely a new low for the lengths to which footballers will go to chase money.

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I don't know about this. I know a lad who was over with West Ham in Sicily )in that place where a copper got murdered a year or two ago) a few seasons back. They were out for a few days, by the end of it the locals were riding around on scooters with the one on the bag slashing them as they went by, there were dozens of injuries from that and other incidents. It didn't register on the news, I guess because fortunately nobody dies and also because it was a low profile game, but I don't think West Ham would hate someone who signed for a team in that part of the world. My impression of the Istanbul/Leeds thing was that was more the local criminal gangs rather than football fans that were doing the stabbing, basically a macho thing about a group of lads looking like they were invading their territory. Doesn't make it right but the same thing happens in England, I wouldn't hold it against a whole nation or their football teams for ever.

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