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computer freezing

johnny punkster

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my computer of 6+ years has over the last 4 or so months developed a nasty habit of freezing without any due warning.

its become more regular over the last month.

the mouse scrolling icon just freezes,and the computer doesn't react to any keyboard instructions.

ive noticed over the last week also its more likely to happen if i'm doing more than 1 application at a time-eg. ripping a tune off a cd and opening a new email just recieved at the same time.

only way to get out of it is restart again.

it then takes an age(ok...at least 10-15 mins) to re-start all applications again and be able to log on to the web again....ultra slow.

i'm using about 60% of hard drive ,clear cache and clean up disk regularly.

time to get a new computer or is there a fix??


cheers all!

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I'm no expert Johnny but it sounds like your processor. If it is, then it should be reparable and I'm sure someone more qualified will tell you how. May be expensive though.


After a few problems with my old laptop (like yours 6 years old and so single processor), I decided to get a new one a couple of weeks ago. Best thing I ever did as a machine with a dual processor is massively quicker and makes using it a whole lot more pleasurable. The difference in watching back Laticsworld videos and all sorts of other stuff is immense. I used to think my Broadband connection was the thing that affected download quality but it wasn't - the new lap-top has proved that. Ripping CDs takes less time now and as it's a dual processor, you can also be doing other stuff at the same time without any slow down.


You don't need to spend a fortune these days to get something decent.

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Hi Johnny

You've done really well keeping a PC running for over 6 years. :disappointed: To try and repair could could be expensive and would be possible throwing money away (old components and old technology). :angry:

If your looking for a replacement base unit have a look at http://www.pcassist.co.uk/html/AMD%20x2%20...Base%20Unit.htm it's a "Special Offer" we have on at the moment. :blush:

Might seem expensive in the short term but you will see the benfits long term. :D


Just a thought.


Ian G. B)

PC Assist

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There's nothing wrong with Vista. I've been using it for a couple of months now, no probs. I would NOT get a Vista machine with anything less than 2GB of memory though. You can get an excellent recon base unit with big hard drives and minimum spec memory of 2gb, and Vista Home Premium for around £200 and much more besides. Buy whatever you want, it's your choice - but I recommend you do not buy a Vista machine with less than 2gb memory. If you play games, throw in a DX10 ATI Sapphire and you are made.

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