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Affliction : Banned

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PRIDE FC is not dead it seems, watch out UFC - here comes Affliction.




Although I know little of the rules at time of writing, any event that can capture big names in its first outing like Fedor, Sylvia, and other well-knowns like Arlovski, Rizzo , Lindland and Babalu - is well on its way to be an excellent replacement to PRIDE, and hopefully a quality rival to the stale UFC.


Rules are important though. I would love to see the Japanese Shooto - PRIDE rules back in action. Although, with it being in America - it'll probably be 5 min rounds with none of the hardcore NHB that I fell in love with all those years ago. I shall wait and see...




Fedor is one of the, if not the, biggest names in MMA and this is why...




His relentess Sambo (Russian Martial Art) style, swamps his opponent with strikes. A much feared fighter, probably in any combat sport - including boxing.

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Yeah, I know - I forgot to post :rolleyes:


Sylvia is a chump, he was running away from a fight with Fedor when they both held HW titles in their respective franchises. As soon as they meet - Sylvia rolls over like a Saturday night drunk.


Thanks for the highlight post Latics Al, good find...

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Well, that was a pretty decent debut show.


I get the feeling that Affliction could become the main challenger to UFC, and competition is only a good thing, for fans and fighters alike.


It's great seeing an US group using a ring instead of a cage, and as a way of differing yourself from the competition it was certainly a lot better than the YAMMA "frying pan" thingymebob.


Good wins for Josh Barnett and Andre Arlovski (who was nearly back to his old self) means they have two credible opponents for Fedor while they attempt to work things out to put on the Fedor vs Couture fight. That is if Randy still wants it after watching this!


Right then, still got UFN 14

Anderson Silva - WOW!

and Dream 5 to work through, great weekend for MMA.

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