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Get The Crowd Going Before The Game

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Play Mouldy Old Dough.


More chance of falling asleep.


Just goes to show, you can't please all of the people all of the time.


It was the most popular song in the vote so more people wanted it than any of the other songs in the list.


It's traditionally the club tune and has been played before every home match for over 30 years, it is our song and a tune people associate with the club.


I voted for it and am really glad it will be played as the players entrance music, its the Latics song and hopefully will forever be associated with us.


I've told the wife I want it played at my funeral, although she thinks I'm joking. <_<

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Getting the crowd going before the game is a totally new concept to me! We voted on entrance music - nothing to do with getting the crowd going. The players will have their dressing room music to get them going and we have a traditional tune with which to greet our heroes (and confuse the opposition). B)


After the initial strains of MOD, the crowd will drown it out with "Come on Oldham!" and "OWTB" - that's what we do.


When we score, we go wild and in future we'll have the opportunity to skank to GON.

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not too arsed about Entrance Music, no doubt we'll still be finnishing off our pints in the stand or running up from the Clayton Green at that point. Thats what we do to get ourselves going


Ditto just replace Clayton with Greyhound

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