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Worlds Best Fans?

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Is that some kind of sick joke?

Graeme Sourness turned up at Ibrox in mid winter in the height of his malign regime at the Deathstar. Coming up to the staff entrance, he noticed, the phrase, "Sourness is a :censored:," written in yellow ink in the deep snow. Outraged, he ordered his head of security to carry out an investigation and find the culprit.


A week later, his man came back.


"The good news is that we've found the culprit," he said.


"Right, who is it?" said the moustachioed Satanist.


"We've analysed the sample and it's definitely Ally McCoist," said the security man.


"Right," said Sourness. "Anyway, what's the bad news?"


"It's in your wife's handwriting."







There's a nice non-sick joke for you :)

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