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MyFootballClub Update

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I thought readers might be interested in how the Ebbsfleet United's fans' team selection is going.


For today's friendly against Charlton a poll of the 30,000 MyFootballClub Members was held, the result of which was:


Give the coaches the responsibility of picking the team 1088

Pick the team and allow the coaches flexibility 510

Pick the team but not allow the coaches flexibility 199

I Abstain 58


It'll be interesting to see if there is more interest in picking the team when the season starts.



Ebbsfleet Utd 0 - Charlton 6


Fleet were still on the blocks as Charlton grabbed the lead straight from the kick-off. Charles, on loan from Brentford, put the ball past his own keeper with his first ever touch for his new side straight from the kick-off. Things can only get better! :blink:

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One year ago today, MyFootballClub opened its doors to members, and I and some others on OWTB were among the first 13,000 members to join, helping contribute over £500,000 in just 10 days. It was the beginning of an incredible story.


Little over three months later, a deal to buy Ebbsfleet United was announced. And in May 2008, the club reached Wembley for the first time in its history, beating Torquay United 1-0 to win the FA Trophy. That day, the Fleet was backed by 26,000 supporters, including members who had flown over from Australia, Canada, America, Scandinavia and all over Europe.


The Club is organized as an Industrial and Provident Society, controlled through a democratic voting process, including team selection and player transfers. Since the FA Trophy win, members have voted to increase the weekly playing budget to £10,000. Members and supporters together raised £20,000 to buy a promising young striker called Michael Gash for a club record fee, and during pre-season, members have been given the opportunity to pick the team.


Today, MyFootballClub has over 30,300 members living in 122 different countries.

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If anyone is interested tonight, on 'Inside Out' (BBC One at 7.30pm), ex-Chelsea and Scotland star Pat Nevin presents an 8 minute documentary on MyFootballClub Ebbsfleet United.



Those living in London and the South East will be able to watch the programme directly on BBC One.


If you live outside of London and the South East, you have two options. Either, Sky channel 974 which shows BBC One London, or on the BBC iPlayer (programmes are available on the BBC iPlayer after they have aired.)

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For my 13,000th post I’m reflecting on life as a member-owner of a football club, whose fans/member-owners have deserted it in large numbers.


At the beginning of 2009 Ebbsfleet Uited (MyFootballClub) still had 30,000 members. This was soon to change though and with the February renewals, it lost 20,000 of them almost overnight. Things looked a bit bleak but nevertheless we, the diehards, continued the struggle and, with a leaner, meaner more-committed membership, have managed to support the club for a further year. Bills have been paid, staff and players paid, football has continued, friends have been made across the world and many have stepped up and volunteered their services and finances in different ways. It has been shown through adversity that many people contributing can run a football club and can see it through.


As owners, we have learnt the reality of decision-making in football. Proposals, debates and ultimately votes have shaped the future of the Club in many ways. Decisions have been made on the Club’s overall budget, some tough decisions and some heartfelt discussion resulted in reducing the losses the Club was making. The cost was high of course, an almost complete turnover of the Club’s playing staff, but here again members have contributed to improve the playing budget. Tough decisions were made on the price of match tickets, putting them up while maintaining the low price of season and mini tickets.


For the second time, members voted to sell a player and held out against lower offers before selling Michael Gash for £50,000. This followed the previous vote on selling John Akinde for £150,000 to Bristol City - while on loan at Wycombe he scored and was sent off against Latics. Both of these are record sales for the club and while we mourn their loss, they have brought much-needed income to the Club.


Members have been involved in unprecedented ways at the heart of the Club. Our elected Society board continues to liaise with Club officials, it was central in the reappointment of the Club’s head coach Liam Daish, and members voted on a revised contract after attempts to head-hunt him by Cambridge United


Members now play a central role on the Club’s management board Regular reports are made on the MYFC website regarding the Club’s activities. Decisions are passed through the membership as a matter of course. Structurally the link between Society and the Club has developed throughout the year.


Membership numbers have continued to fall however and two major decisions were made after much discussion and consultation.


1. The operater surrendered the agreement to run the site for 21% of the membership fee and now all of the membership fee income goes towards supporting the Club. Volunteers from the Society are now working on a new-look site.


2. At the same time the fee has been increased from £35 to £50 per year to acknowledge lower numbers. We are a smaller band at present but one that is more committed


We are experiencing the reality of many football clubs. We take for granted that clubs will continue, we see the money swilling around at the top levels but we are very much the roots of professional football in this country and it is important that people like us tend those roots if the whole structure is not to topple. Our advantage is our numbers, still sufficient to ensure that a little from each can make a real difference.


If Ebbsfleet United had not won the F.A. Trophy at Wembley in its first season, I’m convinced that there would still be many more of the original members working towards that dream, or the ultimate dream of obtaining Football League status.


Last season we dared to hope that another FA trophy appearance at Wembley would turn our fortunes around. This hope was finally dashed in the 91st minute of the second semi-final tie.


I’ve found it very interesting to be involved with the struggles to keep the Club afloat. There is a good understanding between people who have been associated with the Club for some years and the new member-owners. We know that many Football League and even Premier League clubs are in financial crisis., and there but for the grace of TTA go Latics, whose supporters have also deserted in numbers, proving devastating to financial aspirations and the ambitions that go with the finance.


We have come through a difficult year and the leaner, meaner MyFootballClub is still alive and kicking.


It costs less than £1 a week if you wish to join us by becoming a member-owner.


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Terry, I wonder what you make of this month's WSC article about Ebbsfleet, I won't type it in full but it speaks of the decline of the club and membership. The last two paragraphs will give you the gist...


Beyond this season, the future looks even more uncertain. My Football Club will not revive its flagging membership with the team struggling and is making little effort to do so. This will almost certainly result in relegation and a return to part-time status. Manager Daish has been courted by several other clubs and, despite signing a new contract in the summer, is likely to go as soon as a club with fewer problems comes in for him. Not many fans would begrudge him the move after what he has done for the club.


In all likelihood My Football Club will be wound up within the next year. It should leave the club debt free, as they are now being run within their means. But it will also leave them without a decent team or a plan for the future. The most likely scenario is they will find themselves as a part-time club plying their trade in the Ryman leagues. The core fanbase will still be there. But it's a far cry from Wembley and the "Chelsea of the Conference".

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I wonder what you make of this month's WSC article about Ebbsfleet, I won't type it in full but it speaks of the decline of the club and membership. The last two paragraphs will give you the gist...


It's the easiest thing in the world to paint the blackest picture. Looks like it could have been written by CJ. :wink:

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It's the easiest thing in the world to paint the blackest picture. Looks like it could have been written by CJ. :wink:


The way I read it was they had a fantastic ride and "if" it is all over they go back to normal ? I would hardly say its the blackiest picture. The end of our rollercoaster ride was pretty black (or should I say red), thanks Moores. I wish we could have come out in as good as a place.


Thanks for the updates anyway... It is funny as I was going to ask you how things where going the other day... Then up pops this post :)

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I considered signing on the dotted line but stalled for various reasons but as and when Ebbsflet was named as the said club I felt like I was cheated (even though I didn't subscribe) as the club was just about the most local club to the main driver behind the venture....


Had they chose a midlands club which was roughly the centre of England things may have been different.

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