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ronnie to cidee?

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reports from barca today suggest the buck toothed one could be on his way to the council house,

after agreeing to £22 million...that'll do!

a player of his former self-done nothing for 2 years,serial party freak,lap dancer addict,injury imaginator and training dodger...

oh like a bit of charles....allegedly...


good riddance! :bblue2:

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i bet the queue was huge!!!!

seems city fans are relieved he's not signed...don't blame em.

i'm just chuffed to get rid of the waster,for not a bad price too,seeing as his best years are seemingly behind him.

brilliant first 3 years but the last 2 where in all honesty,a disgrace..his attitude,his performances just stunk.

priviliged to see the magic he performed,but i'm not sorry he's gone....a wasted talent.


booked flights today for el classico in december...44 quid return...get in!

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well hleb signed today so thats not a bad one.

the signings barca have made have all been excellent,alves from sevilla being the standout one.

we've got shut of the deadwood(barring guddy who's due out soon..hopefully) and definately improved outgoings with the signings coming in.

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