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Fan Art Thread

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I thought I'd create a thread where fans could show off their creations (calm down now Mark :wink: )


These can be banners, flags, badges or even Logo's but they must have something to do with the Latics.


Each time a new piece is added I'll simply post it on this main post to show off in pride!


** youtube_logo1.jpg **


I will be posting some on YouTube as a collection video. This means a name of the piece must be stated and/or posted and the name owner should be on the piece!


Have fun!






Latics Ultras 1



Latics Ultras 2



Stamp out Yarkshire



Seems Like Yesterday




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Also, it would be nice if we could design a few for Cooksey.


Remember, no matter how good nor bad you are/it is, it'll still be shown. Try it!




1. Go onto >> This Website <<

2. Click Browse, search for the file, once found select that.

3. Then click upload.

4. It should come up with lots of URL Codes below the picture.

5. Scroll down to where it says 'Hotlinks'.

6. Highlight the second box which is named 'Forums (1)', right click it, then click copy.

7. Simply paste that code into the text box and post it.

8. It should appear on here then.

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OAFCG - the artwork you've added as Markoasis' - is indeed mine.


Plus, I'll move this to the media bit.


I'll add some more later, I've just got in from work and Wigoon vs Saints is on. 6-0 up and a dirty Wigan player has just got sent off - I digress...


Sorry Rummy, It mentioned something about Mark on the post so I assumed it was his. Very well done.


I would of thought it'd get more attention in the main* Terraces forum... :unsure:


I have more coming too ... :mrt: I pity you foo'! <- Legendary line.

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