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2-1 Latics

LAst 5 mins

Kalala & Smaley

Trilist LB was gash, Taylor went int here 2nd half

Demar Phillips seems very niooy

Virtually 2 different side each half, so not much to read into it

No ew injury worries AFAIK



Just off the commentary

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Same with Grimsby really. Both teams made loads of changes. Hughes got about twenty minutes. Different formations tried and tested - and reverted back when the 4-5-1 with Lewis on his own at the start of the 2nd half didnt sound to work. Trialist Demar Phillips sounded pretty lively - guessing he'll be the main positive from those that went to Grimsby.


Would be interesting to see just how many shots we had - hopefully a sign of things to come rather than like last season when we tried walking it into the net.

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I agree with whats been said pretty much. Trialist left-back wasn't too bad but got skinned far too many times. Phillips looks a pretty good player, tricky, pacey with a lethal shot. Was a bit confused with him first half, spent more time in the middle than at left wing, seemed to always drift inwards. Argentinian lad looked decent but don't think he did enough in the game to get a contract. Stephens impressed me a lot, looks a great player to have on the ball. Who needs Wellens?


Was a pretty even game in all, Kalala's goal was superbly taken! Grimsby played some nice football without troubling us too much.

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