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Trialist Steve Williams? Who?

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The report on the official site mentions a trialist called Steve Williams.


Any ideas people?


was there tonight and dux said he was from hyde united, might have been fibbing as hes not on their website though, thought he played quite well, seemed big and strong, had to be stretchered off though with a suspected broken leg.


Also noted that both our website and theirs mentioned that kevin maher played, even though he looks like thompson it was defo thompson playing the first half tonight and not maher.


Was another trialist called craig dawson who might have been the lad from radcliffe borough that someone mentioned a while back.

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Just got back from the game. :angry:

Steve Williams:-

He's a trialist (centre half), about 6' 4" I would say, early 20's just finished colleage and wants to start playing pro football again (no idea who he played for before)?

This came direct form Dux. :o

Very good on the ball and in the air, could be worth a punt. Probably the best player on the park for Latics until his injury, which seemed very bad (stretchered off in a leg brace) didn't look good for the lad, shame really.

Stam was absolutely gash and gave away two clear goals, Liddle was supposed to be playing but was missing totally, Thomson seemed OK. Other than that we we're crap.

When JP came on all he did was pass the ball backwards or to a Barrow player.

Kieron Lee had 45 minutes in the 2nd half and tried his heart out, will need to see more of him to be convinced.

Whittaker played Left Wing (?) he huffed and puffed but was probably played in the wrong position for me.

Stevens and Maher played CM, I'm not totally convinced on Maher yet (maybe he's not match fit), Stevens did OK.


Other than that 200 mile round trip. :disappointed:


Ian G.


PS No Demar Philips tonight, does this mean a decision has been made about him?

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Ok, cheers guys.


Shame about Williams, bad news for him. But why another central defender???


Yeah, I'm unsure about Maher so far. Only seen him twice and I believe he has missed some pre-season, so we will see. He has a good pedigree.


JP will be off soon, he is so far from the first team.

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