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Who killed Jill Dando?

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there was scientific evidence linking Barry George to the murder in the form of a single microscopic particle of what was said to have been gunshot residue, together with evidence as to the character of a fibre found on his clothing. It is argued by the defence that the presence of armed officers and their involvement in his arrest might have been responsible for the gunshot residue.
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In summary, the reasoning of the Court was that at the trial the prosecution had relied primarily on four categories of evidence:


witnesses who had seen a man who looked like George near the scene of the murder when it occurred and one witness who had identified him as being there four hours earlier;

repeated lies told by George in interview;

an alleged attempt to create a false alibi;

the single particle of firearm discharge residue (FDR) found, about a year after the murder, in George's overcoat



remember the o.j simpson trail ,he was 100% guilty of 2murders but as found not guilty by the jury too the jill dando trail from the bbc bbc news

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