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Today's Team Vs Bradford

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Looks a pretty balanced side and with a lot of talent sat on the bench.


Perhaps with an experienced left back or a fully fit Keiran Lee in for Lomax and we'll be sorted.


Maybe make or break time for Phillips or it could be dependant on the outcome with the Taylor rumour.


If Taylor goes it would be a straight swop with Smalley.


If we can stay with a settled side it can only get better....onwards and upwards!!!

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Eardley Gregan Hazell Lomax


Taylor Allott Maher Phillips


Davies O'Grady


SUBS: Fleming, Stam, Stephens, Whitaker, Liddell, Smalley Alessandra


Think this is close to the team to start thats going to start season off. Apart from Lee not starting.

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So Hills is the trialist mentioned on the OS I suppose. Does this mean the end of the line for Phillips then?


That was my first thought, but Phillips was in the warm up, so how about Hills at LB, Phillips LM, Taylor RM or, if he goes to pastie land or Donny, Smalley RM.

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Played ok today. Bradford are a very tricky side. We were better in the first I dont belive 4-3-3 worked with davies on his own . That LB got turned for the first goal but looked ok until pace come at him.



Philips played well again and really balances us up. We need to sign him.

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