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I was next to the Millwall fans about halfways up... Some large steward :censored: preceeded to ask me and people around me to sit down... Now personally I perfer to stand but if everyone else is sat down I will go with the flow. But this steward was asking me to sit down with a ton of people stood up in front of me ?? I said to him that if I sat down I wont be able to see anything, cant you go down the front and work your way up.... It aint rocket science is it... He then treatened to kick me out?? WTF... I never refused to sit down I was just pointing out the bleeding obvious... Five mins later he was dishing out his bullying to a father with his son who was in much the same postion as me....


heard looker paddock people bang on about the looker stewards....bloody hell your not wrong!! This guy was just a bully and had little intrest in doing his job properly...


I didnt see any stewards, just police in with the Millwalls...fooking cowards :D


EDIT: Just like to add....they arent all bad... A few of them where alright...

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I want to know why no stewards had the balls to try and get Millwall fan's to sit down? The police just stood and basically laughed at the banter yet the stewards got power mad and started throwing people out. I don't think they realise that they cause more trouble by trying to get people to sit down and I don't think the club help themselves by hiring these people, it will put people off coming to future games.

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The thing about the stewarding in the Rocky yesterday to me (and I was in the main stand about halfway so I will admit it was from a distance) was that unlike everytime we go away where it is us the away fans that seem to get the brunt it was the home fans that were being chucked out. I'm not sure why home fans seemed to get chucked out (not that I'm saying that whoever it was didn't deserve it I'm just not sure) but I didn't see any away fans being chucked out at all (maybe because I was watching the football when it happened) and it was obvious that the away fans were just as bad as the home fans if not worse. Its quite simple if stewards want to bully people into sitting down (not something I'm a fan of if no-one is complaining) then the order (but there really shouldn't be one) is quite simple: away fans, then if home fans are pushing it a bit start with the people at the front and work backwards as some people will happily sit down but if they can't see what's going on then they will stand up. As away fans half expect to be treated slightly less fairly plus it will help maintian a working relationship with the home fans who are there for 23 games a season not 1. You steward the ground (not just your little section) and its about time the stewards (some of whom I think may not have the relevant qualification) realised this is you treat everyone equally you will find it a lot easier to do as the moment you start picking on a group of fans a lot of the time the fans start saying why me why not them over there too. I think the stewards and the GMP might need a bit of co-ordination training as this is not going to be the last game where there will be contention the Rocky and different fans need to be treated in the same way as much as possible.


Stewards are there to facilitate order and prevent chaos (something that a few fans standing is not going to cause) they are not there to see how much aggro they can cause and I think some of the stewards at Latics realised this and adopted some flexibility especially when it comes to some 'silly' rules. After all so what if people get their drinks 30 seconds before half-time the club are not going to get into trouble if no-one reports it and who is going to report it. (Just one example from last season of bad stewarding at Oldham).

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I think what the club really needs to consider with these morons, and the Police aswell to a slighlty lesser extent, is that law abiding people who have never been in trouble in their lives but like to let off a bit of steam on a Saturday afternoon might stop coming.


If you've got a good job & a family to look after that could be put in jeapordy if one of these over zealous :censored: lands you with a criminal record just for being a bit boisterous at a football match.


Is it worth it?

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