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Another obscure pastime that I've gotten myself into...


Managed to catch two Stox/Lightning Rods/Banger meetings over the last couple of weeks whilst on a holiday, bloody fantastic - my lad loved every minute.


After finding out that there's a decent meeting at Belle Vue in November - with a fireworks display thrown in after the heats - and asking my Dad if he'd want to come along with me and my eldest lad, he gave me some history to the Belle Vue stox events. He said in the early 70's at Belle Vue they used to use Mouldy Old Dough as rollout for the bangers formula, and Fanfare for the Common Man as the rollout track for the stox. Wonder if they still do?


I'm sure I watched bangers somewhere (probably at Rochdale Hornets) because after listening to some of these (I've done some stock car music research!), I definitely remember some of these raceway "favourites":


We Love You Superstar, Formula II March, Swingin' Safari (Bert Kaempfert & his Orchestra), I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman (Whistling Jack Smith), Jungle Fever, Nut Rocker (B Bumble and the Stingers), Clog Dance, Rinky Dink, Theme from Kickstart, Oxygene part 4, Theme from One Man and His Dog, Tell Laura I Love Her, The Posthorn Gallop and others.


I certainly remember Rinky Dink from some motor sports things I went to as a kid...



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I used to love going to the stock car racing at Belle Vue. My dad used to know one of the drivers. Glad to hear that it's still going and attracting a new generation of fans.


Thinking about it, Belle Vue used to seem like the most exciting place in the world when I was a kid. Stock car racing, speedway, wrestling, the Wall of Death and the fun fair. Happy memories.

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Everything that can be won in the F1 Stockcar world circuit is won by the Andrew and Stuart Smith who live in Rochdale apparently - Team Smith!


There's a Gary "Shovy" Shovelton still racing at Belle Vue, dunno if it's the same one...




Got me tickets for Belle Vue Nov 2nd - looking forward to it - plenty of action, fireworks display thrown in - £14 adults £6 kids I think, can't remember.


Here's a vid of Belle Vue '76 those mini dodgems bring back memories, and the water slide...



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