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  1. 1. Where do you stand on the club's stance re: the RR End?

    • They are exactly right! This behaviour needs sorting out urgently! (Strongly Agree)
    • It was a bit OTT on Saturday, it should be toned down at least a bit (Agree)
    • I sympathise with both sides point of view. (Neither Agree Nor Disagree)
    • Surely Saturday was good? The club officials should understand atmopshere take priority. (Disagree)
    • I'm outraged! What a load of rubbish! (Strongly Disagree)

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The way I see it is a ban on swearing and standing, that is enforced, may keep the minority of PC brigade happy: but this will be outweighed by club losing, for example, 200+ hardcore fans and the voice (singers) on the terraces they bring!


I hope this is a case of the club seemed to be doing the right thing rather than actually trying to enforce the ban cause that will be me right off!!! Call me uneducated but I love good natured swear at the right time in the the right place! As for standing, that's always going to happen when bobs view is blocked at the corner, little jonny behind stands up to see over bob's balding head.

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The club's hands are tied on this one though. The law says that Boundary Park is an all seater stadium and that fans are to remain seated at all times apart from brief periods. The club have to pay little Hitlers and neanderthals in high visibility clothing to enforce this ruling and they have the power to eject anybody in the ground who does not comply with the regulations, all they need to do is point the person out to dibble and that person is taken out.


In the same way that no referee has ever changed their mind about a decision by having a group of players screaming in their face that one of their players was hauled down not 5 minutes earlier and didn't get a pen, no steward or policeman is going to change their mind and not eject a fan even if they are presented with a coherent and legitimate reason why that person shouldn't be ejected. Once the steward has indicated to the police that they want that fan out then they're out of there.


There will only be one winner in this situation and it won't be the person who has stumped up the entry fee, they make the rules we have to abide by them or face the consequences, it couldn't be any more black or white.


We can argue on here about whether this is right or wrong but it will not change the fundamental FACT that complying with the ground regulations will not get you thrown out whereas persistent standing will get you thrown out, answering back to the stewards week in, week out will get you thrown out, getting on the wrong side of the stewards will get you thrown out.


As for the swearing, this is clearly the club responding to the complaints they have received and by the nonsense that is the League's respect campaign. In some ways again the club's hands are tied, they have to be seen to be going along with the League and they have to be seen to respond to the complaints. Deep down I bet they know they haven't a snowball in hells chance of stopping swearing at the ground, the only thing they could do is to introduce a family section but it is too late for that this season, all they can do is to offer to move the people who have complained. But if anyone thought that the RRE was going to be a nice place to take small children, vicars and elderly relatives for a few seasons was grossly misguided. A blind man on a galloping horse could have told you what is was going to be like, the lads from the Lookers Paddock were moving there and these had been harassed by the stewards for the last 2 seasons for standing, singing, swearing, answering back and generally doing what people do at the footie - this was only going to increase due to the proximity of the away fans.


I would like to see standing brought back and until it is we will have this problem, worst case scenario is that the club get a fine from the League, FA or whoever has the power to do so or it gets its safety certificate revoked by the council and we play behind closed doors and no matter what we fans think we have no power in this.

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I've not voted cos the option I would choose isn't there. IE...Millwall are a one off breed, however some of our fans just want to be rebels (without a cause)


So I'd go....same as suck it and see for the next few games....................however supporters must obey the rules and sit more than stand..simple really.

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Ok, here's my call on it:


1) It would have been advisable to tape off a third of the small section of the RRE, putting bigger space between supporters - this is an easy fix going forwards and would cost about £1.29 for the tape from B&Q. Few visiting teams will bring more than 1,000 fans, so this can be a solution for most games. While the tape wouldn't stop severe trouble, it would significantly reduce the risk of agro by allowing a wider segregation. I would hope Greater Manchester Police, who charge significantly for their services in the ground, are capable of policing this divide.


2) Back in the days of terraces, everybody knew where the pockets of "swearing culture" were in football grounds. Usually behind the goal or near visiting supporters. There are enough seats in the ground to easily relocate all those supporters who don't like it. The Chaddy "Family Stand" idea is a start.


3) Disabled people at the back? Who the hell had that idea? Time to spend some money on a far better facility for disabled supporters. People will always stand for parts of the game whatever laws and stewards tell us. Sorry to the bloke in the wheelchair if I block your view when 20 rows in front of me are on their feet.


4) Let's not forget, many Millwall followers are scumbags and the situation seen last week is unlikely to be a regular occurrence.


5) The stewarding left a lot to be desired. Telling people half way back to sit down when ten rows in front of them are still on their feet is ridiculous. Telling home supporters to sit down while allowing visitors to do what the hell they like unchecked is also going to lose respect.


I am still happy to sit with my 10 year old behind the goal in the RRE, despite some of the happenings of last week. We do now have an agreed escape plan should severe trouble ever arise though!

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