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For Gary Mac-Another "Freak" Result

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From the Yorkshire Post


McAllister throws down gauntlet to United




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18 August 2008

By Phil Hay

Leeds United were today challenged to write off their disappointing 2-0 defeat to Oldham Athletic as "a freak" result.United's first home game of the League One season ended with an unconvincing performance and a deserved loss at Elland Road, leaving their angry manager Gary McAllister to demand an immediate improvement from his players.

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And the freakiest incident happens about 50 seconds in!!!!


That was when the Wembley groundsman got his own back on the Jocks who dug up the pitch and broke the goalposts in 1977. As McAllister runs up to take the pen the groundsman tweaks the button for the sprinkler under the penalty spot. The ball starts to roll, and the rest is history as they say. :laught16::England:

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Clutching at straws comes to mind. I wonder how long you have been surfing Youtube so that you can pick on Gary Mac.

Oh well it is still the school hols I guess.


53 posts on an oppositions forum indicates you tend to spend a fair amount of time associated with Oldham Athletic. However it makes a change having 'away' fans on the forum - whilst we got some complete idiots on JK, it does make for some interesting debate.


As for the article - I'd expect nothing less from a partisan local newspaper, hardly likely to say 'Leeds season is over' is it.


I for one still expect Leeds to be there or thereabouts at the end of the season - they have some decent players which will be far too good for a lot of teams this season. However on Saturday, despite some periods of possession, they rarley troubled our defense from open play - whilst I think we caused more problems, particularly through Whitiker and Taylor, when we had the ball.


Set-pieces however always looked a threat, some good delivery coupled with two tall forwards is always going to present chances - but our centrebacks coped very well.


Far from using the result on Saturday as a means to put Leeds down in terms of quality/promotion chances - instead I'd use it as a means of assessing the potential of Latics this season. If we can go toe to toe with the favourite away and come out on top - the 11 long years might be at risk of coming to the end.


Spainboy - I would wish you luck for the rest of the season, but I live and work in Yorkshire so would never hear the end of it. Also I do not think luck will come into it and I hope that come the return fixture in March its a top of the table clash.

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