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SHez and Crossley to be on Sky Sports News

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I've seen the article on SSN. Nice peice and putting Latics in the shop window if briefly. Usual stuff stated, only two wins.... the start we wanted after poor starts in recent seasons. Crossley saying we have a good mix of old and young players and that we do actually have some good players. Three clips of Oldham public havin their say. Shows the 'building site' which is BP and states we're building a new ground!!!!!!!!!!

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to be honest as a latics fan it wasn't anything really, apart from the fact its nice to be on TV and given credit rather than the usual "Blimey oldham beat Leeds, theres a shock" type of attitude.


From the Advertiser:


Unsurprisingly, the Sunday papers were full of stories about how badly Leeds had fared rather than how well Oldham had played.


However, (Tommy) Wright was phlegmatic enough to appreciate that will always be the case when a so-called ‘bigger team’ fails to get three points.


He said: "I think you get that when the big clubs are beaten, it’s always about how badly they play and not about how the other team’s done well. You have to accept that but we still went there with a plan and although we looked nervous for the first 20 minutes, I thought we settled down and played some good stuff after that."

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