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15 golds!

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At last a medal for the Athletics part of Team GB (UK), as Germaine Mason exceeds all expectations in the high jump by winning a silver medal.

I saw that. He did very very well and looked extremely proud. Considering he was up against two russians who were about 6'6 (or so they looked) - They were just flying over the bar. The Russian who got gold didnt even fail on any of his jumps. Class act.


Glad we've finally started to win on the tracks. Rather than on water.


If only we had Osain Bolt. That man is unreal. Looks like he's going for a gentle jog when the rest are running full steam. :lol::lol: Loved Michael Johnson's comments when Osain breezed through the semi of the 200m. "hopefully he'll have a good run, but not something that'll make me upset." - I bet he's cacking it at the prospect of his world record being shattered.


We've got a few boxers who are doing very well too. :grin:

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