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Wild rumour

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That Keegan has jacked it in at Newcastle again.


Probably just a rumour, but it would hardly be too surprising I suppose, but thought I'd monger it onto here.



Radio five have been monitoring this. He had a row last night, but it's something that has been festering for a while. It sounds like he is being jerked around re: transfers. He's got form, as we all know, for walking away. Personally, I like him. He's got an air of honesty about him.


Radio five - 11.48 - claim that Keegan and Ashley have had a 'volcanic' row. Keegan has walked (according to a source who heas texted in!!!).

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SS News:


Becasuse Owners wanted to sell Barton and Keegan didnt.


I like Keegan and think he is a honest guy but can be stupidly nieve sometimes.


yes I would agree but not as naive as the Newcastle fans who expected him to stick at it. TBH i'm amazed he stayed as long as he did. We will now have to put up with them telling us what a great club it is and how Big Al is going to turn them around. Think they've got a permanent loan on that big top from City now :clown:

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