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Top Of The League - OWTB

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In case anyone hasn't had a look OWTB are top of the Telegraph super leagues for Division One.


Keep up the good work lads.


Remember your priorities when you go to work:



2: Fantasy Football

3: Work


Bloody nice one, that's very impressive.



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That surely goes without saying.


The problem comes when printing it out in a communal printer without your boss walking in. Like when I printed directions to Yeovil out. Whoops.


I even missed the three months of holiday planning out too.

My 'to do list' for last Friday was to:


Print off my holiday itinerary

Buy some travel insurance online

Print off the policy

Write a letter to my gym to cancel my membership

Print off the letter

Sort out the OWTB FC squad

Print off the squad

Look up directions to Tranmere

Print off the directions


.............you get the general idea! It was a very productive day :grin:.

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Mine was:


Go on OWTB.

Don't beat John's score at Lunar Command.

Go on OWTB.

Go home.


I did next years holiday weeks ago, although I ain't booking :censored: until either very late or the airlines are certain to be there - or the same.


I'll book my Nimes v Montpellier* tickets ASAP though.



*Or make sure it is pay on the day

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