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There goes our chance of seeing wembley

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Tad dissapointed to be out after dominating them for so long, and then to switch off and play as badly as we did after goin 1 up im a bit more dissapointed, but im not gonna read to much into it, wont lose to much sleep. It would have been nice to go through and get to wembeley but hey ho (theres always the fa cup lol) and although it could have been good in terms of a bit money, at least its one more thing out of our minds and allows us to concentrate more on the league. Felt we should have been 5 up at half time yet for me it was just one of them nights of the ball not going in, missed chances/goalie making good saves and what not, you can hardly say we've been goal shy so far this season ,12 goals in 4, and as mentioned elsewhere, were hardly a one man team in terms of goals, as hughesy has only scored three of them (not complaining about him btw). Ah well onwards and upwards to sat and victory over the trannies.


For me the biggest negative tonight is that due to that last 30-20 mins or so its now opened to some doubt and given the moaners a good chance to get a good moan in. Hopefully it shouldnt last.


Dont worry, be happy :)

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