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Pens - LW

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It might be because when he takes it, he doesn't what a Terry-esque moment, so the foot that lands next to the ball may have a more slip resistant stud on. Blades?


I think you've stumbled on the way to solve England's penalty shoot-out problem. If only there was someone you could trust at the F.A., to get the message to Capello.

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yeah he changed the right one just after full time, i did wonder why he didnt change both



I noticed he changed it!



I thought he stormed up the tunnel but he come back and had a diff right boot on!





Also is O grady left footed????


Why does he switch feet at the last second to strike the ball right footed:S

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Good point well made. I should have read the thread more closely, I was going through a list of new accounts I am creating to check there are no swear/ offensive words and need a break as I was starting to see dodgy words where there aren't any.

Think i understand :unsure:

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