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dale stephens transfer fee

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was this due to be decided by a tribunal? has it been done yet? i must say,seeing as he doesnt even make the squad, they should pay us..


Undecided as of yet. You ought to offer your opinion - hopefully it would be taken into account! :wink:


Any chance Shez not using him at all is a ploy to help keep his fee down?? It's just a thought - I realise he was bought for the future but he did look useful pre-season.

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"The Dale Stephens tribunal, if it's not settled, will be on the 29th September. That will be another interesting one and we will go there with another strong case and see what the outcome is of that, but again, we are quite confident with the case that we are going to put forward."


"There has been a case of big club against little club syndrome in these tribunals and the one thing that I tried to emphasise today at the tribunal.


Sounds like the Bury Chairman is angling for a transfer to us himself.

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Thats exactly what he is doing. That lad will be a regular in the squad once its sorted.


i hope this time that it works in our favour..but i doubt it..


at who's expense will he become a regular squad player when its sorted???? think the team is doing ok as it is for now.

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