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Sportsmans Dinner

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Guest oa_exile
It would have been easier to find Lord Lucan and Shergar to appear at this event!

Top marks on the bookng of Roger de Courcey and Nookie Bear.....Quality hehehe :grin:


They have done Latics sportsmans dinners in the past along with Neil Midgley as Compare and Mick Miller.


Roger and Nookie I can confirm are Crap :)

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Guest oa_exile
You reckon this is guna be a 5hit do then? was thinkin of gettin a few mates together.


I have been to some some cracking Doo's , just said Roger & the bear are crap but the rest will be good inc Sir Andy worth the entrance fee alone :)

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he was the comedian on our ship last year.... hardly worth the bother TBH and it was FREE!


what ,was that you driving one of those novelty trams covered in lights down the prom?

How the hell did you get it to Blacky from Piccadilly? :lol:

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