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just recived a new mp3 but with no papers on how to use it , how do i download songs from my pc via media player on to a mp3?


what is a auto ripper?? was told i need one to copy onto my mp3?


my mp3 is ativa mp3/wma if that helps and i have windows media player 9 i also have free rip

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You've had one before though Bob haven't you? the process hasn't changed, it's just the same - T_N sorted it out last time and he didn;t get any feedback so he figured you were okay....




You will need a USB cable or USB dock for the MP3 player to communicate with your PC. Remember when I told you not to disable you USB ports? Those are they. Plug in the USB cable to the PC, plug in the other end into the player. If no media program self installs or automatically loads up, you can open Mediaplayer or whatever your favourite media application is, and drag in MP3's to your portable device. If its an iShuffle and you don't want to use iTunes - let me know, I have a handy bit of kit that you can use to bypass iTunes. If you have DRM protected music/video you may have a problem. If your MP3 player that comes bundled with software that will allow WMADRM files to be ported to your MP3 player without a hitch, you're okay - otherwise you'll have to strip the DRM off it first to listen to the music freely on your portable device.

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