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Attendance Saturday

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make sure you take a sharp knife and and some salt n pepper then phil. :shock:


i think like has been said they had sold 1k yesterday.....i reckon they will bring around 1,300......and around 5,900 home fans making it about 7,200 give or take 50.


a lot of people decide on the morning of a game if it isnt all ticket and basically only 30 mins away if the weathers nice to come along for an afternoon out.

they won on saturday so a few extra may turn out.


i think if we nail this one then more fans will start comming back,best start since 90/91...


and what was pleasing today whilst walking through oldham town centre there is a competion being run for the liecster game so its all over the spindles on advertising stands,was a pleasant suprise.

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We've got to be looking at 7500+ for a local derby considering our start.


The only negative could be that Huddersfield have had a poor start and may not bring many, by all accounts the majority seem to think the game is already lost!!


I would be dissapointed if home fans totaled much less than 6000.


We have a chance to impress a few more floaters but you know what usually happens when we are in this position!!!

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Can see around 5500 home fans with the expected 1500 poor away support> think 7000 mark is about right, Anything more is a bonus, anything less is a disgrace :angry:


Let's face it - we will be lucky to get 5,500 - Huddersfield have sold 1,000 so far - we might make 6,700 which is pish poor but at the moment we just don't seem to have captured the imagination of the less committed Oldham fan.

We should have given them the smaller section of the Rocky - but at least the Chaddy will be rocking B)

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